miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Rome City Vision Architecture Competition

CITYVISION/ROME is a competition of ideas which challenges students, architects, engineers, designers and creative people to present their project proposals with the purpose of stimulating, joining and supporting the contemporary city, in this case Rome, through innovative ideas which can improve their connection between the historical and future fabric aimed to a correct evolution of the architectural historiography.

The Italian city manifests a constant absence of Urban Planning and poor projects. The objective of the competition is to drive your imagination, by the use of new materials, echo- technologies and territorial organizations for a future vision of the city of Rome. Globalization, environmental heating, future historiography of the city, adaptability and digital revolution are some of the elements that should be taken into consideration.

The Planning Proposal can re-assess a significant monument, road, district or better still the whole city. For this reason there are no restrictions of site, program or dimension of the project. The objective is to give maximum freedom, with the intention of achieving the most innovative and provocative proposal with the aim of encouraging and stimulating the ordinary person. The proposed planning, should support and assist the environment seeking to create and where needed improve the city and its’ lifestyle. To prepare the community for these future changes and how technology will influence lifestyles just as successful visionary film directors, a time occurring today more than ever.

The idea of this International Competition has three objectives:

1. To stimulate research for planning.

2. To encourage the creativity of the young generation designers.

3. To stimulate the scientific development in the field of architecture by means of a critical reflection and discussion.


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